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FAMILY: Both Hardy and Missy have many goslings and ducklings, most of whom have gone on to have careers and families of their own. They are both happy to have many aunts & uncles, cousins and children with them in their large extended families here in Rowlett. (See a picture of Hardy's cousin Oliver in flight on the Rowlett government page)

HOBBIES: Enjoying evenings with friends and family, playing cards and games, tasting wines, varieties of corn, and grass from around the world, and flying to the many other lakes and ponds in the DFW area.

FAVORITE FOODS: Both Hardy and Missy think Spring is "awesome" because it's when the earth reawakens, bringing tender new grasses and a delicious selection of insects. Though dining mostly "fresh from the garden," Hardy prefers Italian and Missy cuisine nouveau.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "We think the Internet is underused. We wanted to make it work for Rowlett, and we wanted to do it intelligently. So, with, we set out to provide the the community with a quality, informative web site that would make a difference to our friends and neighbors."

OFFER TO ROWLETT: "We have helped many companies, locally and nationally, with their marketing communications. We stand ready to assist everyone - whether you are a business, service organization or individual - in Rowlett with your efforts on the Internet. To contact us, just click here, or , call at 972-475-1836. We'll fly right over!"



In 1999, Hardy and Missy abandoned successful careers to search for quieter ponds and greener pastures, and have never looked back.

"I felt I had no place to go," says Hardy, "I had accomplished everything I wanted to and I wanted more than the gold bag of corn when I retired. It was time for me to swim in uncharted waters."

Missy, who already had several years as an independent artist, experienced similar frustration. "When my boss wanted us to sign (with a quill pen, no less) a non-compete contract, that did it for me, it was time for me to take wing and create my own future nest egg."

Following extensive research and, what they call a "leap of faith," Hardy and Missy created their dream business with After years of facing the hassles of commuting from pond to lake, lake to pond, they decided, like thousands of others, their home is the perfect base for their new creation. They wanted to create a quality, service-oriented business that would aid everyone they knew. With they would support the businesses, the services and the city of Rowlett. They would provide information about Rowlett in every way possible.

"At first we were a little concerned. We had enjoyed all of the benefits and income from our previous careers, but we wanted to make a radical change with"

With a great deal of hard work, Hardy's and Missy's "radical change" became the foundation for their new personal goals. Their story is like thousands of others who want to take a plunge and make a difference with the Internet.

Some days, you may see them taking a break from — wandering the fields around their home-business in Rowlett, while nibbling on grass or snacking on a grasshopper or two.

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