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Hole 1, Par 4

A fair opening hole with a bunker on the right of the fairway.

A short iron to the green should yield par.


Hole 2, Par 5

At more than 600 yards, this is the longest hole on the course.

Watch for the big red oak 110 yards from the green.


Hole 3, Par 3

The first of four exceptional par threes.

The huge bunker on the front and right will catch many shots.


Hole 4, Par 4

Watch for a tree and a bunker guarding the fairway.

A grass bunker at the green awaits the errant shot.


Hole 5, Par 4

Bunkers left and right in the fairway, and the green with a crown down the middle slopes dramatically from left to right.

Left of fairway is trouble.


Hole 6, Par 5

A wonderful par five. Plenty of room over left bunker.Second and third shots must play around largest bunker on course.

Watch the sloping front of the green and back bunker.


Hole 7, Par 4

A dogleg left killer into the prevailing wind.

The longest par four on the course.


Hole 8, Par 3

As beautiful a par three as you will find on any golf course.

It is a tough par three, too.


Hole 9, Par 4

A great closing hole for the front nine.

A large red oak guards the right side, with water and two red oaks guarding the green.


Hole 10, Par 4

An uphill beauty.

The slope of the green from back to front is the most severe on the course.


Hole 11, Par 3

A picture postcard: eight bunkers and water.

A sneaky pot bunker will greet your shot over the green.


Hole 12, Par 5

A dogleg right par five with red oaks and a cedar elm to block your second shot.

Green is reachable, but the huge lake is in play


Hole 13, Par 4

Down into the valley, a beautiful setting

The lake is only in play for the best; over the green left is trouble.


Hole 14, Par 4

Pull out your driver, and go for it.

The shortest par four on the course.


Hole 15, Par 5

An uphill par five with bunkers and trees.

Gary Stephenson designed the green to mirror Carnoustie in Scotland..


Hole 16, Par 4

A beautiful short par four with the fairway sloping dramatically from right to left.

Watch for the sharp falloff at green left.


Hole 17, Par 3

A great par three into the prevailing wind.

Watch for the lake as it winds around the tree to the left of the green.


Hole 18, Par 4

A wonderful closing hole.

It has trees right, bunkers right and three more bunkers by the green..

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